iridology - iris diagnosis for analyzing health status and susceptibility to illness based on the iris - naturheilpraxis st.gallen hinterberg

Delving into the fascinating realm of iris diagnosis involves viewing the eyes as a reflection of the soul and health. In iridology, the iris, the colored part of the eye, is seen as a map where every nuance, pattern, and change tells its own story. Colors, spots, lines, and structures reflect what is happening inside the body. Through these features, clues to genetic predispositions and potential risks can be derived.

Each iris is as unique as a fingerprint, and the art lies in interpreting the subtle nuances and structures. By analyzing different zones of the iris, conclusions can be drawn about various organs and systems. A Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN) practitioner can not only identify potential imbalances through iris diagnosis but also infer individual constitution and base recommendations or treatments on them.