Dry Cupping and Cupping Massage: Balancing Humoral Health and Promoting Relaxation - naturheilpraxis st.gallen hinterberg

Dry Cupping Therapy


Humoral medicine, an ancient medical concept, posits that the human body is influenced by the four main fluids or humors: blood, mucus, yellow bile, and black bile. The balance of these fluids is crucial to health. In this context, dry cupping can serve to harmonize a disrupted humoral balance. The treatment is performed by applying special cupping glasses to the skin to create a vacuum. This vacuum is intended to help drain excess or impure fluids.



Cupping Massage


Cupping massage combines massage techniques with the traditional method of cupping to create a unique and effective therapy. In this form of massage, special massage cups are placed on the skin, and a gentle vacuum is created. This creates a mild suction that lifts the skin and underlying tissue.


As the cupping glass is moved over the skin, it creates a pleasant massage sensation that relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation. The suction effect of the cups helps to release tension and support the release of toxins from the tissues. By combining massage and cupping, a deeper effect on the connective tissue and fascia is achieved.


Relief of muscle tension Promotion of blood circulation Treatment of cellulite Improvement of skin appearance Relaxation and stress reduction Strengthening the immune system Regulation of the menstrual cycle Management of trigger points Promotion of joint mobility Strengthening the nervous system Relief of myofascial pain