Nutritional counseling and dietetics to promote balanced nutrition and to treat health issues - naturheilpraxis st.gallen hinterberg


Dietetics in humoral medicine within Traditional European Natural Healing (TEN) is not solely focused on nutrition but also integrates movement and lifestyle as key aspects of holistic healthcare.


Nutrition in dietetics:


Individual adaptation: Emphasis on a diet that corresponds to individual needs and the balance of bodily humors.

Temperature and taste: Consideration of the thermal properties and taste of foods according to the principles of humoral medicine.

Seasonal and regional foods: Focus on fresh, seasonal, and local products to support the body's natural cycles.



Movement in dietetics:


Adaptation to humoral principles: Selection of types of exercise that promote the balance of bodily humors. For example, consideration of calm, harmonious movements for individuals with an excess of black bile.

Promotion of circulation: Exercise that improves circulation to support blood balance.

Consideration of individual needs: Adjustment of exercise plans based on individual physical conditions and temperaments.



Lifestyle in dietetics:


Stress management: Consideration of stress as a factor that can influence the balance of bodily humors. Integration of stress management strategies.

Sleep hygiene: Emphasis on the importance of adequate and quality sleep for regulating bodily humors.

Hygiene and cleansing: Promotion of cleansing practices that support the balance of bodily humors, such as baths or sauna sessions.



Individual adaptation:


Holistic approach: Dietetics in humoral medicine considers nutrition, movement, and lifestyle as integral components of a holistic approach to promoting health.

Personalized plans: A naturopath creates personalized dietetic plans that consider all aspects of individual needs and conditions.



The aim of dietetics in humoral medicine is to help people lead a balanced life by aligning nutrition, movement, and lifestyle with their individual constitution.