Harmonizing Health: The Therapeutic Power of Humoral Medicine Massages naturheilpraxis st.gallen hinterberg

In traditional European naturopathy (TEN), massages play a crucial role as therapeutic interventions to promote physical well-being and health. Rooted in the understanding of humoral pathology, a medical theory based on the teachings of the ancient Greek Hippocrates, these traditional naturopathic practices emphasize the importance of balancing bodily fluids for optimal health.

Massages in humoral medicine are utilized to improve circulation, release tension, harmonize energy flow in the body, and promote toxin elimination. Through gentle touch and targeted pressure techniques, massages aim to dissolve blockages and support the flow of bodily fluids such as blood and lymph.


There are various types of massages used in humoral medicine, including:


Oil Massage: This form of massage involves the use of oil applied to the body with gentle stroking motions. Oil massages serve to nourish the skin, relax muscles, and stimulate energy flow in the body. Specific plant oils are individually selected and may possess various health-promoting properties contributing to relaxation, revitalization, and healing. Aura-Soma oils are highly popular, comprising a blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and color vibrations aimed at restoring the body's natural energy balance. Each oil has a unique composition and addresses specific emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.


Dry Massage: Dry massages are performed without oil and focus on specific pressure points (trigger point therapy) or muscle groups. This form of massage can be used to alleviate muscle tension, stimulate lymphatic flow, and promote detoxification.


Connective Tissue Massage: This massage aims to stimulate connective tissue and release tension in the deep layers of the skin and tissue. Connective tissue massages can be beneficial for various conditions such as back pain, headaches, or digestive issues.


Reflex Zone Massage: Reflex zone massages are based on the idea that specific areas of the hands, feet, and ears are connected to particular organs and bodily functions. By applying targeted pressure points on these reflex zones, blockages are believed to be released, and the corresponding organs stimulated.


Massages in humoral medicine are often employed as part of a holistic treatment approach, which may also include dietary changes, herbal medicine, and movement therapies. These measures aim to restore the balance of bodily fluids and support the body's natural healing powers.